What We Do

The natural brands that come to us are usually looking for us to give them an edge over their competitors, crucial for any business in a rapidly growing and extremely competitive market. We strive to not only give them this edge but also make their messages ones that stick. There are too many messages and too much content flying around on paper print and the World Wide Web to stake a brand’s investment on subjective creativity without the technical expertise to realise successful campaigns.


Campaign Strategy – You know your product is great and you want everyone to know about it. We focus on the key strengths of your brand and mastermind a message that is both targeted and topical to your audience, relevant to current affairs and the present time in order to catapult your product in to the future.

Press Releases – Want some fresh angles, words and phrases to present your product in a different light to your existing audience? We can take your product, look at it from another point of view and present it in a new guise, giving contacts a new spin on the same (old) product.

Media Contacts – With access to a comprehensive database of media contacts, we can target any area of interest as you so wish. Our speciality is natural beauty, health, fitness and wellbeing titles and we have regular contact with the leading journalists in this field.

Bloggers – Do not underestimate the power of the blogosphere! These reviews not only help with your SEO, they are around online forever – a long term investment, especially when you know which ones to target i.e. the ones that will make a difference to your business!

Events – We can organise an event to suit whatever size your wallet, big or small. Tell us your budget, any requirements and what you wish to achieve and we will take the stress out of your planning and hosting, leaving you free to network, make those all-important connections and of course enjoy your event.


Product Development – Got an idea you wish to take to market, a product you need to progress or any project that you feel would benefit from an expert perspective? We will consult with a leading expert in your field from our network and present a plan of action sure to advance your product.

Brand Consultancy – You’ve got your idea on the market, it progressed fairly well but now you need to inject some va va voom in to it? We will instil a new lease of life into your product and advise the steps you should be taking to push things forward to the next level.

Business Development Strategy – We review your company and products, review sales and analyse your competitors. Next, we sit down with you and talk about where you want your business to go, how much (and how soon) you want it to grow and what budget you have to achieve this with. With this stack of information, we’ll then set to work on a solid, cohesive plan to enable us to help you reach your goals.

Print Advertising

Creative Concepts – We take the key messages from your product, think on them, develop these ideas, sleep on it. Think about them a bit more before presenting to you several visuals which we will develop and tweak until you are satisfied with the end result.

Placement Strategy – It’s all very well and good having your ad, but knowing where and when to place it is another matter entirely. We will devise a campaign strategy and negotiate with the publishing houses to obtain you the keenest prices possible. We are in regular contact with natural beauty, health, fitness and wellbeing titles and believe that you will struggle to get a better price than ours.


Web Development – Committed to getting your brand online and looking fabulous. Big sites, small sites, social networks, blogs and shops, you name it we can build it. Strong believers in agile development and quick progression, we work in a goal centric manner to get your site up and working fast. By using pre-existing content management technology and providing bespoke training videos we ensure your site is extremely simple to use, update and keep fresh.

Web Content – We write enticing copy that keeps readers switched on and interested, delivering your key messages in a clear and concise way. By using SEO techniques we can get your pages ranking high on Google, and increase your organic search traffic.

Social Media – Low cost, personal and fun, social media is a top way to communicate with your audience. We devise strategies to connect you to your customers in a more textured and effective manner and build fantastic brand loyalty through targeted, reciprocal conversation.

Online advertising – A great, effective, cheap and amazingly targeted medium, online advertising can bring your brand to an exact demographic with startling accuracy. We can personalise your campaigns across multiple platforms such as Google, Facebook or any specific niche sites.

Video – we can script, shoot and edit your video message, focusing on your key content messages and presenting in an engaging manner to captivate your audience from start to finish.