JĀSÖN® Wins Gold Hair Care Award at the FreeFrom Skincare Awards 2016

JĀSÖN® Wins Gold Hair Care Award at the FreeFrom Skincare Awards 2016

The 5th annual FreeFrom Skincare Awards were held at the Love Natural Love You show on 8th July 2016 at Olympia London. Gold, silver and bronze awards were rewarded to skincare and cosmetics products in 13 different categories. JĀSÖN’s Gluten Free Daily Shampoo was shortlisted in the Hair Care category and eventually went home with the gold award.

The FreeFrom Skin Care Awards celebrate and encourage skincare and cosmetics manufacturers who create products that exclude many of the allergens, chemicals, fragrances and artificial additives associated with skin and health concerns, ethical and environmental worries, and which may appeal to those looking for purer or more natural cosmetics and products for their skin, including those with problem skin conditions.


The JĀSÖN Gluten Free line offers a range of body and hair care products certified as gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (“GFCO”), one of the most recognized independent certifying groups. All products are fragrance free.

JĀSÖN’s Gluten Free Daily Shampoo gently cleanses without stripping your hair. The nurturing blend of Babassu Oil and Vitamin E moisturizes hair while balancing Rosemary and Chamomile calm the scalp. The shampoo makes your hair soft with a healthy luster and it is suitable for all hair types.



1959: a group of independent thinkers drew upon the pioneering spirit that was so much a part of their California heritage and set out on a road of rediscovery. Theirs was a path back to simple wholesome ingredients proven safer and proven to work together in naturally effective ways.
The JĀSÖN team meticously created body loving products – at first just for their own family and friends – staying true to the JĀSÖN Code of Honor:

  • Select safe, gentle and effective ingredients
  • Rigorously test every formula to ensure safety and efficacy
  • Never test on animals
  • Constantly innovate and improve

One generation has given way tot the next, JĀSÖN products have remained on the path forged by the brand’s founders, committed to discovering even more ways to offer personal care solutions safer for us, our families and our planet.

For all enquiries contact Rebecca Goodyear Health & Beauty:
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Love Natural, Love You

Love Natural, Love You

On Friday July 8th the Rebecca Goodyear Health & Beauty team went to the beauty and health shows taking place at Olympia London. For Min and Eline it was their first week at Rebecca Goodyear Health & Beauty. “Going to the show and being trusted to represent the agency was a big deal, but it was a great experience. Even though I am new at the agency this gave the right amount of motivation to really go for it,” Eline said. “Having been to this show and just seeing all these companies and products probably gave me a better idea of the industry than spending a whole at the office month would have,” Min added. Apart from Rebecca, the rest of the team are all from outside the UK. Min is from China, Eline is from Belgium and I, Johana, am from France. And it was the first time for us three going to a British trade show like this and – as we thought we would – we enjoyed it very much.

The Olympia London is an amazing venue and the first 15 minutes we were there we went up to the balcony on the first floor to get a look of the hall from above. We needed a few minutes to catch our breath, and not just because we took the staircase, the venue looked amazing and we just couldn’t get over the fact that the roof was made of glass. Looking down we also had no idea how we were going to be able to see all the stands. There were some many of them and it took us a good two hours to visit all the stands. And by ‘visit’ I mean quickly get a glance of them, see what they were about and grabbing some free tasters whenever possible.
The whole event was actually a collaboration between three different shows: The Love Natural Love You show (blue carpet), the Just V Show (pink carpet) and The Allergy & Free From Show, sponsored by Schär (green carpet). We saw some large and powerful brands and companies such as ASDA, Tesco and Sainsbury’s as well as smaller businesses and start-ups. Especially the latter were so genuinely passionate about their products and it was just wonderful to talk to them.


lnly-olympia1There were also many events promoting brands or new products and interesting talks from people in the industry. What was most fun to watch were the cooking demonstrations in the California Prunes Kitchen. Especially Eline, who loves to bake herself, was so intrigued by Frances Quinn (winner of the Great British Bake Off 2013) and her ‘Creative bakes with the wow factor’ demonstration that we couldn’t get her away from the stand. Almost all of the ingredients that were used could be bought at one of the surrounding stands as well. I’m pretty sure one of these days Eline will show up at the office with a big – healthy – chocolate cake!lnly-olympia2


Here is another example of how new products were promoted. Min had never seen this highly efficient tool before and couldn’t stop looking at the demonstration. This kitchen tool quickly cuts cucumbers, apples, potatoes, zucchinis, etc. into perfectly even slices or strings.  Throughout the day there were always many people gathered around this stand and from the looks of it, the guy sold a lot of ell plenty of the new products.


Another interesting thing attracted me the most were the organic food tasters. In the picture on the left you can see a bit of ‘london falafel’, which they deep fried right before handing them out so they were still hot and crispy. It tasted so good and a lot of people were queueing up even though the tasters were very small, but people were simply drawn to the stand because it smelled so good. This type of stand that gave away free samples and especially the food stands got a lot of attention and obviously people were more inclined to actually buy the product immediately after.


Spin the wheel and win prize! This stand was so much fun that we spun the wheel twice. No matter which section you landed on, the prize was always related to the brand’s products. People were happy to wait in line for a spin, but you couldn’t imagine the look of disappointment on my face when I got the worst prizes on the wheel! Since this is my last week in England, I obviously wasn’t going to use the online coupon and I don’t think anyone was actually excited about winning a trolley coin. Eline felt so bad for me that she gave me her biscuits, which she had two packages of anyway because she got the same prize twice.


We enjoyed the whole day so much. There were so many incredible and new beauty products as well as delicious organic and natural food. We also had to do some prospecting though – we weren’t there just for fun – so we talked to a few companies and brands for our new upcoming website: The Natural Directory. Most start-ups and smaller brands that we talked to were really excited about TND and were so thankful for us reaching out to them. Almost everyone we talked to saw the potential of our new website as a way to promote their brand and interact with other companies and with their customers. We left the show very satisfied with ourselves, but mainly we were just happy that we were able to get home without falling asleep on the tube!


By Johana Da Eira, Eline De Mont and Min Zhou

Gourmet Spirulina Raw Spirulina Nibs: Winner of Best Superfood & Sports Supplements Category At The Free From Food Awards 2016

Gourmet Spirulina Raw Spirulina Nibs: Winner of Best Superfood & Sports Supplements Category At The Free From Food Awards 2016

Gourmet Spirulina producers of the finest tasting Spirulina product on the market, were delighted to scoop Best Superfood & Sports Supplements Category at the Free From Food Awards 2016.

Up against some stiff competition, including a Cocoa Powder and Strawberry Flavoured Breakfast Topper, Spirulina Nibs pipped everyone to the post. One of the Judges had this to say of the product: “Love this product – OMG – fabulous! So versatile – you must try this. Very, very clever and innovative. Love the spirulina – a strong, grainy flavour like seaweed. Crispy – delicious.”

A Reminder: Just What is Spirulina?
Spirulina contains lots of iron as well as a cocktail of antioxidants and vitamins, including vitamin B12 and vitamin K . A superfood with many health benefits. Spirulina was a traditional foodstuff of the Aztecs and the Kanem. This microscopic equatorial alga is now mostly used as a dietary supplement. Gourmet Spirulina offers you the opportunity to discover this superfood in convenient food formats with great taste.

Random Fact: 80s pop icon turned Buddhist Boy George is a fan of the brand, and rustles up a mean Raw Avocado and Lime Cheesecake, topped with Pumpkin Seeds, Green Matcha and Gourmet Spirulina Raw Spirulina Nibs!

What Makes Gourmet Spirulina Raw Spirulina Nibs a Winner?
Made from the mildest tasting raw spirulina with a creamy, nutty flavour and a crunchy texture. These spirulina nibs are the ideal format for first‐time tasters of raw spirulina. They are very convenient and can be sprinkled in virtually any dish. Gourmet Spirulina dry their spirulina at less than 42°C for optimal preservation of spirulina’s natural good taste and its nutrients. By keeping temperatures so low, oxidation and enzymatic reactions are kept to an absolute minimum, which gives the very best taste and maximum nutrient content.

Gourmet Spirulina’s Raw Spirulina Nibs are produced in a humanitarian farm in Burkina Faso (West Africa). This small tropical country has the ideal sunny climate that spirulina thrives on but severe malnutrition is very common there. In a fair trade approach, our sales in the UK help the farm achieve economic viability in its mission of supplying spirulina to vulnerable people (malnourished children, people with HIV/AIDS, etc.). Spirulina will contribute a critical intake of nutrients, either for free or at a subsidized cost. On average, for each pouch of spirulina nibs that you will purchase, our partner will be able to distribute a month of daily use for a malnourished person in Burkina Faso.

This fair trade approach is certified by Made In Respect and audited by Ecocert.


About Gourmet Spirulina
Gourmet Spirulina aims to revolutionise the way people view and consume spirulina. For too long, consumers have viewed spirulina as a dietary supplement. It has been seen as either a handful of pills to be taken in the morning, or a powder to be mixed into the occasional smoothie when time permits. Gourmet Spirulina seeks to revive the traditional use of this superfood by offering the tastiest and most potent spirulina around.

There are four food products in the range; Nibs, Crunchies, Petals and Flakes are the food varieties, all made from the highest quality, raw, culinary-grade spirulina. For those who prefer their superfood nutrition on the go, Gourmet Spirulina’s Raw Spirulina is also available in tablet form.

Gourmet Spirulina is available from Wholefoods, Revital, Planet Organic, As Nature Intended and Infinity Foods Brighton RRP £12.95 for the food products and £14.95 for tablets.

For more information, samples, high res images contact Rebecca Goodyear PR on
hi@rebeccagoodyear.com or call 020 3651 7360.

March #BeautyBabble – Hope You Can Join Us!

March #BeautyBabble – Hope You Can Join Us!

Sorry we’re a little late sharing March themes, the truth is we’ve been very busy! Remember, we’re always keen to have our fans and friends’ input into the themes for #beautybabble, so if you do have a topic you long to talk about – tweet it or email it to hi@rebeccagoodyear.com

Now, without any further ado, here are the topics for March’s #beautybabble

7th March – Sleep Awareness Week – we talk all things sleep – prescription meds, natural remedies, beds, sleep habits & hygiene, and of course beauty products that get to work whilst you sleep.

14th March – Skincare Special – it’s a while since we discussed one of our favourite beauty topics, so join us and share your favourite brands, DIY recipes, tips and more. Bring your questions too, and ask away!

21st March – Award-Winning & Award-Worthy Beauty – to coincide with the announcement of the Biteable Best of Beauty 2016 awards, we share with you the winners and highly commended products, and ask you which products are winners in your beauty books!

28th March – No #BeautyBabble – we take a break for the Easter weekend

February #BeautyBabble Themes

February #BeautyBabble Themes

How is it that January is almost over already?! It seems like just yesterday that we were planning for January, and now we’re getting all set for February! We’re always keen to have our fans and friends’ input into the themes for #beautybabble, so if you do have a topic you long to talk about – tweet it or email it to hi@rebeccagoodyear.com

Now, without any further ado, here are the topics for February’s #beautybabble

1st February – Is Organic Now Considered Mainstream? - weigh in with your thoughts on this and we share why we think it might be there already!

8th February – Go Green Week Special - we share with you the best of green beauty – brands, DIY, tips and more – join us and share yours too!

15th February – The Beauty of Rose – we look at rose in skincare and beauty products, and share with you some rather interesting facts and figures.

22nd February – London Fashion Week - we look at beauty and fashion trends from LFW16, share with us your favourite looks!

29th February – Fairtrade Fortnight - tell us YOUR favourite fairtrade brands and products, and we look at some amazing projects that brands such as Nutiva and Dr Bronner’s are involved with.


New Client Announcement – Formula Botanica

New Client Announcement – Formula Botanica

          2016-rebecca-goodyear-pr-new-client-announcement                       2016-rebecca-goodyear-pr-new-client-announcement-2

Rebecca Goodyear PR Appointed to Represent Formula Botanica – The Online Organic Cosmetic Science School

RGPR is delighted to announce their appointment to represent Formula Botanica, the , ODLQC accredited Online Organic Cosmetic Science School founded in 2012 with over 1500 students and graduates in 86 countries.

Director of Formula Botanica Lorraine Dallmeier BSc (HONS) MSc MIEMA MRSB CEnv, a Biologist by training, developed a love of plants for cosmetic application after working in the field of environmental management for over a decade. Lorraine is a Chartered Environmentalist, as well as a full Member of the Royal Society of Biology, the Society of Cosmetic Scientists and the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment.

Formula Botanica’s virtual HQ is located in the UK but they are an international Organic Cosmetic Science School with an international team of experts. There are 8 digital courses at present, 100% online, which students can study at their own pace in their own time. The courses teach everything you need to know in order to go from complete beginner to organic cosmetic formulator and teacher. Many graduates have used their courses to successfully launch or grow their own cosmetics business. They fly the flag for organic and natural skincare all over the world and are ambassadors for a healthier, safer way of life.

As more and more consumers turn their backs on synthetic products, Formula Botanica is empowering people across the world to – (i) make safe and healthy skincare products using        natural and naturally-derived ingredients, (ii) embrace the   concepts of simplicity and skinfood and (iii) use the finest   organic botanical extracts in formulations.

It’s new year, and many people will no doubt be questioning their own career and life choices. Studying with Formula Botanica gives people the opportunity to run their own cosmetics business; the chance of a new start, a chance to address work/life balance and make their work something they love.


Lorraine Dallmeier is available for expert comment on beauty formulas, ingredients, both synthetic and natural, beauty and business advice.

Business case studies and success stories are available for placement.

For all enquiries contact Rebecca Goodyear Health & Beauty:

+44 (0) 20 3 651 7360